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This project intends to bring together a collection of pieces of educational historical and cultural heritage of each partner. All these pieces need to be preserved and disseminated in order to inform contemporary debate for the multiple histories of education. This project aims to share the best practices not only in the concrete preservation and exhibition of pieces, but also to get to know and to open our eyes to the progress and development of Education in Europe since its early times. This implies bringing together archives and collections from different countries to curate a "European Museum of Education’s" Database. Partners will share their collections and transfer their best practices and expertise on how to curate and prepare educational museum activities, as well as how to restore and preserve pieces. A website with a European digital museum of education will be initiated.

As there is a variety of partner's expertise: maps, archives, natural science pieces, desks restoration, etc., partners will learn from each other by including Learning, Teaching and Training activities, and then be able to train others back in their own countries.

As far as Target groups, and on a first instance, teachers, instructors and personnel from each of the organizations; on a second phase, members of the regional/local educational communities attending training workshops and exhibitions for desired multiplying effects and sustainability. And naturally, students will benefit from getting to know about how the different systems of education along the time in Europe and how the heritage they carry along shape their current education system. Finally, we would like to give value to the educational role of the museums.

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